“Dr. Jow and his staff have been treating my daughter for one year now. She had a tricky situation since two of her permanent teeth never developed. Dr. Jow went over our options and took time to answer our questions. We are seeing the gaps close quickly and are very pleased with the progression of treatment. Appointment times are almost always available to fit our schedule. Upon arrival, my daughter checks in on a computer. There is always a fun contest for the kids such as guessing how many jelly beans are in the jar. Every appointment has been on time so there is no waiting. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. My daughter says that Dr. Jow and his assistant have a wonderful, down-to-earth bedside manner and she feels comfortable when she goes in.” — Leann H.

“Dr. Jow and his staff have been wonderful. My son and I both are patients. The set-up in the exam room is somewhat like a barber shop, in that all the chairs are in a row. There is much good energy and conversation among the patients and staff during the visits. Dr. Jow is a great guy. He is a perfectionist when it comes to getting your teeth just right. I am very happy with the results.” — Yumiko N.

“Dr. Jow and his staff are absolutely fabulous. They are all very happy, sweet, gentle people with a genuine interest their patients. They do quality work. They are willing to work with families about financing if need be, and the plan we worked out was very reasonable. I would recommend Dr. Jow to anyone seeking orthodontic work.” — Vivienne J.