The wearing of elastics or rubber bands is one of the most important phases of orthodontic treatment. These elastics create a small but continuous amount of pressure on the teeth and jaws to move them into more desirable positions and a proper bite.

  • Wear the elastics all the time, except when eating or brushing your teeth. Consistent wear, day and night, will complete your treatment in the shortest amount of time. Change the elastics (new ones) approximately four times a day, and more often if needed.
  • Poor or inconsistent wear of the elastics will prolong your treatment in braces because your teeth won’t move into the proper position. Failure to wear the elastics as directed can in many cases make our treatment goals impossible to achieve.
  • If you have problems wearing the elastics, or run out of elastics, call us so you won’t lose any of your important progress. Minor discomfort is expected, with sore teeth at first when you’re getting used to the elastics, but avoiding “on and off” wear will diminish it significantly. If you can’t wear the elastics as directed, don’t wait for your next appointment, give our office a call.
  • Wear your elastics as instructed and treatment will be completed more rapidly. We will occasionally change how the elastics are worn, as directed by Dr. Jow.

Your good cooperation with elastics will pay off and help achieve the best bite and smile possible.