About our Practice

We are a single doctor office in San Jose, and Dr. Jow will personally be here to see you at your visits with us. You will also be treated with friendly, experienced, and personable staff in a fun and caring atmosphere. Dr. Jow often has a topic of the day or current event that we like to discuss and invite our patients to express their thoughts and experiences.

Most orthodontic problems can usually be treated in more than one way. Dr. Jow will discuss several treatment alternatives as appropriate to determine the best treatment for your needs and wishes. Dr. Jow has been teaching diagnosis and treatment planning at UCSF Orthodontics for over 20 years.

We offer traditional braces with the colored ties as well as the latest orthodontic appliances such as concealed In-Ovation L lingual braces on the back of the teeth, self ligating In-Ovation R metal braces and In-Ovation C tooth colored braces as well as Invisalign and other removable appliances.

Our modern and up-to-date office utilizes computerized digital xray equipment for best imaging and lowest dose. We are able to produce routine diagnostic records in our office for your convenience. We also use computerized sterilization equipment that is spore test monitored by an independent laboratory.

We look forward to meeting you to see how we can help.