Headgear is an orthodontic appliance used in the treatment of some patients. Headgear creates a pulling action to guide the growth of the teeth and jaws to correct an “overbite” or underbite”.

Dr. Jow will tell you how many hours per day to wear your headgear. It is important to wear it the specified number of hours per day, every day, with the majority of time while sleeping. Regular, consistent wear of headgear is required for best results. Forgetting to wear it will reduce the success of your orthodontic treatment.

Please remember these important points:

  • Bring your headgear to every appointment so we can check and adjust it. Each headgear is a delicate instrument which is custom fitted and adjusted. You should not change yours in any way. Call us if you feel it is not fitting correctly.
  • Tender teeth are normal the first few days the headgear is worn. Don’t be discouraged, the tenderness will disappear as you adjust to the new pressure. Wear it consistently and do not continually put it on and off. Prolonged soreness is usually due to insufficient wear each day.
  • Do not play with your headgear or allow others to snap or pull on it. Mistreatment of your headgear could result in harm to you or someone else. Always remove the strap before pulling the bow out from your teeth. Never wear the headgear when running, swimming or playing contact sports.

It may not be much fun to wear headgear, but it is necessary for your treatment. Follow instructions exactly and you’ll be finished sooner than you think. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.