Palatal Expander

This palatal widening appliance will widen your upper jaw and teeth. It will be worn for several months to accomplish the correction. In order for it to be effective, someone must adjust the appliance as directed.

Dr. Jow will tell you how many times per day to turn your expander. It is important to turn it the specified number of times EVERY day.

The best time for your expander to be turned is first thing in the morning or right after dinner. In this way, you will have time to get used to the tightness before you begin the day’s activities or before you go to sleep. If you ever have difficulty turning the appliance, please contact us.

What to expect with your expander:

  • Space between your upper front teeth can occur. This is temporary and will be closed later.
  • Speech and swallowing difficulties are temporary and will improve after an adjustment period during the first few days. Take smaller bites and drink more liquids with food.
  • Sore areas on cheeks and tongue can occur during the first few days. Use the wax that we provide to make a smoother surface.
  • Good brushing of your teeth and the expander is very important. An oral irrigator (water-pik) can be helpful in removing food under the appliance, or use a squeeze bottle filled with water.
  • Prevent breakage by avoiding sticky or hard foods (for example: candy, gum, hard crusts, apples, carrots, popcorn, etc).

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.